Founded in the 1990s on the coast of the south China sea and by the pearl river bay, Laxun technology has founded here and rapidly grown into a powerful brand in China cooling tower industry.With the rapid development of domestic water cooling industry market in recent years, the sales of Laxun cooling tower have doubled every year.The scale of the company continues to expand, including the marketing elite and excellent engineering design and customer service engineers join, Laxun technology has a large number of high-quality professionals of all kinds.

     Laxun cooling tower manufacturing base also along with the fast development of the market, the three areas across the country built a modern factory covering a total area of more than twenty thousand square meters, and formed by the Asian largest cooling tower parts production base, Guangdong headquarters manufacturing base, in east China zhejiang base for manufacturing division, in the southwest yunnan manufacturing division and the preparation of the manufacturing system composed of a manufacturing base in central China.

    Laxun technology has made remarkable achievements in the cooling tower manufacturing industry in just over ten years.This achievement comes from the vision, knowledge and experience of the management team.They have advanced technical knowledge, rich experience in the operation of the company, some of them are financial and sales experts.The management team of world-expo is composed of a group of successful people. Their persistent pursuit is to solve customers' problems with their industry experience in water cooling and water treatment.Rely on loyal service to help accelerate customer success.

    We hope that every successful person can learn about us and become a business partner of our cooling tower. We are committed to working closely with all our business partners.

    The management team members, grassroots employees and even market partners of the whole country all share the common goal of the company's vision, which is: to build a better future for Laxun technology! For each to join the Laxun business partners to create a bright tomorrow!