Quality policy

Continuous improvement, excellence;

Craftsman spirit, the pursuit of excellence.

Quality is the face of information people, we are proud of high quality, low quality for shame.

Our goal is to provide our customers with outstanding quality and highest value products and services.

We want to satisfy our customers and maintain trust in our products and services.

Consulting and technical support as well as manufacturing, delivery and services.The judgment of our users is the final evaluation of our quality.

Continuous improvement and striving for the best is the never-ending task of company managers.

Every employee should give top priority to the interests of users.

Every employee must be responsible for the quality of his or her work.

Ensure and achieve the quality objectives promised above.

It is an important task for all the leaders to motivate employees' quality awareness through training.

If we don't focus on quality like maniacs, then quality problems will drive us into maniacs.

Quality culture of continuous improvement

When it becomes a habit to find problems and dig deep into them, the quality improvement ability of the information itself is constantly improved.

Improvement is an idea, a culture, even a successful habit.It not only tells us that we should seriously observe and think, constantly deny the status quo and seek higher level, but also enables us to develop a keen eye and thinking.

Based on the ground, reality, reality and adhere to the principle, constantly to improve themselves, beyond me.This has become the consensus of all executives and employees.

It is the respect for quality, persistent pursuit of quality, so that Laxun formed a continuous improvement of quality culture.Under the influence and baptism of this culture, the old staff bring in the new staff, forming a strong and weak, the whole staff music to improve the atmosphere.

Quality management

The operation value chain of cooling tower products has a wide impact. The quality control of enterprises is not only related to product quality and manufacturing quality, but also covers a series of aspects such as research and development, service and after-sales service.

World-view always attaches great importance to the quality improvement of the whole value chain. It is not only good at finding and analyzing problems, but also forms a cultural atmosphere of continuous improvement in the whole value chain, making high-quality operation of the whole value chain a habit.

In overview, quality is a cross-functional responsibility. From the very beginning, according to the characteristics of its own production system and other aspects, overview gives full authorization to employees and encourages them to find problems. Every employee is like a quality inspector.

In terms of quality assurance of the whole value chain, each department of overview should be responsible for its own field, and always adhere to the three no principles: no bad reception, no bad manufacturing, and no bad outflow.

Take manufacturing as an example, asiason has strict quality assurance standards, each time must pass the detection process 100% real-time detection, the key process more than 100% high-frequency detection.

In order to break through the whole value chain of quality management, on the basis of trusting employees and encouraging employees to find problems, there are two other tips of quality control:

On the one hand is "quick" : quick to find problems and quick to deal with them.

Tabled for docking market quickly, and found the problem, (also separately established the TCS quality management department (market), the unifying of quality problem appears on the market, forming a notification mechanism, timely coordination of the whole value chain such as suppliers, research and development, manufacture and after-sale each department related, are analyzed and countermeasures, ensure quality cengcengbaguan, each pairs of eyes looking for problems.

In addition, the quality assurance department also set up a QRQc (rapid response quality control) mechanism, and immediately called in a cross-functional team, an intelligence center, the general command center, to quickly analyze the problem and make sure that the problem is not analyzed overnight and the root cause is found.

The other is accuracy.

As the first enterprise in the industry to set up FQC (market quality analysis center), with strong quality analysis ability, world-view can not only find problems in the first time, but also can quickly extend to the supplier, the market both ends, to find the problem.