Corporate civil social responsibility

        The meaning of social responsibility is broad and broad, it not only means that enterprises continue to pursue the perfect product quality, service meticulous, but also means that enterprises to customers, employees and the community commitment and pay.

Being a business is like being a human being. A qualified corporate citizen needs four personality types: responsible personality, influential personality, personality that touches others and personality that is willing to help others.

Responsible personality is a sense of responsibility, is the cornerstone of human ethics, but also the cornerstone of corporate ethics.

On the basis of the responsibility of the whole framework of ethics elements.

        Therefore, the sense of responsibility is at the core of the quality structure of the enterprise.The product is responsible to the society, the enterprise is responsible to the staff: in the spiritual level, the enterprise should be responsible for the behavior of the staff, and should be positive guidance, which is also one of the internal achievements of social responsibility, so that trained employees, know the principles of life and work, to grow up to be able to take charge of their own affairs, leading a team.

"Respect for heaven and love for others" is the core of inamori kazuo's business philosophy, that is to say, a person should do the right thing, the key is to care for the society from the perspective of human nature and values.

        "Noble and sustainable" is the unique principle of handling people and representing the core idea of enterprise citizens.

Classical political economics founder Adam Smith in his "moral sentiments" analysis: "a person's personality, there is certainly some nature, the nature will motivate him to pay attention to the fate of others, but also to other people's happiness into their own necessities, he was seeing someone else happy and happy, enthusiasm".

It seems that the most fundamental source of corporate social responsibility comes from human nature.Because the enterprise is composed of people, the cooling tower products produced are ultimately human service, the development and progress of the enterprise and the society are inseparable from the goodness of human nature.

In this regard, as a corporate citizen, infonews always has a grateful heart, cultivates the sense of responsibility of employees, starts from every employee, starts from every little thing, actively practices the social responsibility of the enterprise, and gives back to the society in a better way.

Only abide by and adhere to, can let responsibility landing root!

Under the guidance of this concept, it regards corporate social responsibility as an important part of corporate development strategy and constructs a perfect corporate social responsibility system.There are four major responsibilities to customers, to society, to employees and to shareholders.

On the one hand, we provide customers with reliable cooling tower products and services of high quality and low energy consumption. On the other hand, we continue to give back to the society in various ways.

        In an era of national social consciousness, government, customers, employees, partners, such as the attention to corporate social responsibility is much more than the product or service provided, so turn to view - provides an enterprise overtaking opportunities: corporate social responsibility actively build a view - the main points of the cooling tower brand shaping.

Horizon has been leading the industry to make endogenous breakthroughs.In the future, Laxun will build a global leader in the technology and manufacturing of a huge Internet of things cooling tower ecosystem.

        Under the strategy of "unmanned workshop + Internet of things", a new model of "China huawei + Germany Benz + amazon" has been explored.

CSR strategy in the news: green news

At the core of its CSR strategy is to become a socially responsible enterprise.It firmly believes that the success of a business should be measured not only by its profits but also by its social responsibility.

Since the invention of cooling tower in 1890, as a special industry, it has changed the human heat and cold utilization model.However, with the large-scale use of cooling tower, it brings huge energy consumption and increasingly serious water and noise pollution.

2012 Laxun opened the curtain of comprehensive green strategy, and became the first domestic cooling tower industry from the green development of the comprehensive transformation of enterprises.

        In June 2013, at a manufacturing base in guangzhou organization cooling tower industry association council unit carried out the theme: "green manufacture, green future" site communication meeting, "green manufacture, green future" strategy implementation is not only for reference - has brought the growth of the business, at the same time contributing to the healthy and harmonious development of society of its own strength.

As related to energy utilization enterprise, "energy conservation and emissions reduction, ecological environmental protection, low carbon economy, green civilization" is the company's biggest responsibility to society, through the cloud of marketing management, paperless office, cloud computing, cloud platform application and production LianWangHua, automation, high efficiency and energy saving measures, such as unmanned sample - the factory completed the annual energy consumption per unit GDP fell by 10% of the preset targets.

Data show that from 2012 to now, guangzhou Laxun has launched a total of 5 million tons of energy-saving cooling tower, product energy consumption fell 5% compared with the previous, five years launched a total of 10000KW green cooling tower energy saving per hour, equivalent to reduce carbon dioxide emissions of tens of thousands of tons, about equal to the reduction of a power station!

Therefore, energy saving, consumption reduction and environmental protection have increasingly become the key to success rooted in the sustainable development of cooling tower industry.

"Enterprise management is for profit", but it is also necessary to take into account environmental friendliness and social harmony.The implementation of CSR plays a guiding role in the strategic choice of enterprises. Therefore, it is necessary for CSR to make profits.

        A responsible corporate behavior should meet the economic bottom line, social bottom line and environmental bottom line. It is not only responsible to the shareholders to pursue profits, but also responsible to the society and the environment.

Social responsibility is closely related to the innovation and development of enterprises. It is the biggest social responsibility of Laxun to make contributions to the low-carbon life of the society by silently using the enterprise platform and provide better cooling tower products and services.Social responsibility in place, Laxun brand can be improved, win more users trust.

In line with the simple enterprise philosophy of "doing something for the society, doing something for others, leaving no stain on life and no regret in life", pragmatic information readers follow a basic principle:

        "Because of the cost and profit, the cooling tower products with high energy consumption (high water temperature) and high pollution (high noise) will never harm the society and harm the interests of customers!"

        Laxun also based on the sense of social responsibility solemn commitment: Laxunproducts never leave a regret and stain!

These creeds all express the enterprise or the employee to assume the social responsibility request: "all the information reader agrees, all the information reader participates, all the information reader achievement, all the information reader shares"!

Environmental commitment

        In the process of providing cooling tower products to customers, we gradually realized that our relationship with customers could not only be based on what they need, but also be promoted to the role of overall solution to grow together with our users.

In this way, Laxun has completed a series of innovations. All the time, the persistence of "innovative changsheng" is regarded as the driving force of Laxun's development, and it is this driving force that pushes Laxunto continuously create value for the society.The practice of corporate social responsibility centers on professionalism and innovation, which is a sustainable way to fulfill social responsibility.

        It is committed to the coordinated development of scale, efficiency and quality, and responds to President xi's call to build a resource-conserving and environment-friendly society.Laxun's solemn commitment to environmental responsibility:

1. Use low-carbon green materials, use green materials in product design, and implement green materials guidance system;

2. In product energy saving management, almost all suppliers involved are included;

3. Start the green building certification system;Launching the certification system for energy-saving products;Initiate the certification system of water-saving products;

4. Establish the recycling system of waste materials and the responsibility system of waste reuse;

5. While carrying out mandatory management, encourage waste reduction by economic means;

6. Strengthen the noise control of product operation and strengthen the technical support for customers to use product noise optimization.

        Creating employment opportunities and tax revenue is the most fundamental social responsibility of enterprises, and it is also the first social distribution when enterprises assume social responsibility. Charity and public welfare activities are the second time for enterprises to participate in social distribution.

Charity and public welfare is the manifestation of corporate social responsibility after the enterprise has formed a certain scale.In a sense, philanthropy is a very professional social affair.

Over the years, Laxun has been trying to explore the mode of enterprise participation in social welfare, poverty alleviation and charity, and initially formed the social welfare work system of Laxun group.

        It mainly includes five categories: supporting education, helping the orphans and the disabled, poverty alleviation and disaster relief, environment and cultural relic protection, spiritual civilization construction, etc. It has established a new idea of public welfare development, such as "helping the poor to help the smart first, leading the company, and employee participation".

It believes that the fulfillment of social responsibility is endless, and it gradually improves the investment in charity and public welfare according to the ability of enterprises.

Laxun always takes poverty alleviation through education and assistance from natural disasters as the goal orientation of public welfare activities, and on this basis, it establishes professional cooperation with "mi public welfare" (non-profit organization), so that public welfare activities can develop in a long-term, fixed and branded way.

Green low carbon

         Extremely static environmental protection and energy saving principle enjoys the person to live quietly

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        With the goal of leading and rule-setters in green fields such as green, low-carbon, energy saving and emission reduction in cooling tower industry, Laxun is practicing the green concept of green design, green manufacturing, green services and green management.

Global climate change and its effects have become a common concern of the world.Low-carbon economy has become the trend of future development and an important opportunity for enterprises to transform to low-carbon economy.

        Energy saving and emission reduction is the inevitable direction of enterprise development in the future.At present, carbon label certification has been introduced into the energy industry. In the future, carbon footprint certification will become an important index to evaluate the environmental performance of industrial products.

As the first brand in the world cooling tower industry that focuses on intelligent production and manufacturing, Laxun shoulders the great responsibility of energy conservation, emission reduction and green environmental protection. Laxun always pays attention to the quantification of the environmental impact in the life cycle of cooling tower products, and constantly explores in the field of energy conservation and emission reduction.

        Cooling tower has been taking green products, green enterprises, environmental protection culture as the enterprise's business strategy, the concept of green environmental protection into the enterprise development strategy and corporate culture.

        It integrates the concept of social responsibility into the design, production and sales of cooling tower products.To provide global consumers with the most advanced green living solutions.

Overview cooling tower products are "the perfect combination of extreme noise and high-performance."

        In order to continuously launch more energy saving, environmental protection cooling tower, Laxun has invested a lot of resources and energy.

        Starting from the selection of green and environment-friendly raw materials in the design, the research on the key technologies such as product modularization, disassembly, material recycling, energy saving and noise reduction in the whole life cycle of the product is carried out, so that the green and environmental protection management of the world-wide cooling tower in the whole life cycle can reach the international advanced level.