About us

Overview team specific mission

Enterprise vision: to become an international leader in water cooling field

Our mission: to provide a healthy water environment for mother earth

Enterprise objective: to be an international authority on cooling technology and to provide world-class cooling tower products

Core values: being virtuous, striving for perfection, being virtuous and sharing in success

The value orientation of senior management: noble and hold, respect heaven and love

Value proposition: create value for customers and provide development opportunities for employees

Overview of the concept of talent: sincerity, faith, wisdom, diligence

Infovision's philosophy: trust is the most important asset in infovision partners - trust is more important than ability

Being fit is more important than being good. Growing is more important than being successful

Attitude is more important than results. Expression is more important than content

Faith of employees: responsibility, dedication, cooperation and promotion

Team values: a good team is better than an excellent individual

Overview team specific culture

Workplace etiquette: smile can buy gold harmony can create value

Overview of innovative ideas: innovative long sheng unique forever

Management culture: "persistence", "sunshine", "generosity", "gratitude"

Organizational culture: global management, high efficiency, flat organization

Work style of Laxun: make progress every day with words

Overview of the spirit of quality: quality is the image of the enterprise, the dignity of employees

Overview of the control of the idea: the devil is in the details, everything is prepared, not prepared

Overview's quality control philosophy: product quality is designed, not only by production control, let alone by inspection

If you can not like a madman as good quality, then the quality of the problem will drive you into a madman

Cost management philosophy: cost control from the design, optimize the system design, save every penny in the process

Overview of enterprise structure: manufacturing sales (direct sales, channel sales);R&d design and technical support;Procurement;Inspection;Warehousing and logistics;service

Overview of the team specific language

Overview of asset operations: simple efficiency - do not add entities if necessary

The marketing philosophy of Laxun: marketing in thought (planning), marketing in line (operation);Move like a rabbit, if virgin

Overview marketing philosophy: the essence of business is to make people willing to cooperate with you

Communication point of view: the core of communication lies in initiative, communication is poor appearance, bad relationship is the reason

The competitive view of Laxun marketing: things and education, tao parallel, gentleman and different, natural selection.

Overview of two speak two do not speak: explain the product, explain the service;Don't lie or speak ill

Business behavior: god rewards those who work hard, keep flexibility

Business thinking: put Thanksgiving, emotional, emotional three senses of staff

Executive power of overview: one day to finish one day;One project one discussion

Take your word for it: third-rate ideas plus top-rate execution is always better than top-rate ideas plus third-rate execution

Overview of the meeting approach: focus on solving the problem think more about "how", less about "why"

Laxun service philosophy: to understand the deep needs of customers, beyond customer expectations, with our industry experience, sincere service

Service spirit

Market-oriented, listen to customer needs, exceed customer expectations, live up to customer insight.

Whenever you talk to a designer, listen to a construction worker complain, or develop a new product,

We all understand the needs and expectations of customers with the behavior of "role swapping".Focus on the center.

Positive energy initiative

Those who work in the cooling tower manufacturing industry, some say the most miserable, face daily challenges. Everyone has a strong soul like a rubber ball, which is self-created and self-generated.

In order to improve people's happiness at work, we should create a harmonious working environment and reduce negative energy behaviors.To this end, we propose to all staff:

1, with a positive attitude to face every thing, a positive attitude to create life, a positive attitude is the starting point of success, is the life of the sun and rain, let us be full of positive energy!

2, actively maintain the healthy and progressive, positive, kind, rich sense of mission and responsibility of the corporate image.

3, every person should be full of positive energy, goal-oriented, for success to find a way to improve their thinking structure, take away negative thoughts, do have ideal, faith, passion of the positive energy representative, obtain the career and family harmony and happiness.

4, do a magnanimous person, love more than blame, optimistic, open-minded, tolerant.

Be tolerant, listen instead of arguing, show kindness, and be more gentle and kind.Instead of over-amplifying the problem, try asking yourself: will I care about this in a year?

6, if you must complain, then you should find a large capacity of the emotional trash can, please more care for the spiritual vulnerable groups.

Everyone has the power of good in his heart, the key is to adjust his mood, how to "positive energy", how to turn the good in his heart into the good in action, and how to practice the good with faith and cast the good with faith.

Sharing the growth value of enterprise with employees has been the source of motivation for the sustainable development of esat. Esat has initially formed a four-in-one salary system including salary, social pooling, welfare, assessment, incentive and reward.

The members of world-view, adhering to the initiative, strengthen effective communication, share the values of the company, colleagues and departments of mutual coordination, unity and cooperation, the courage to take responsibility, innovation, common to meet challenges.In this way we become a collective - and only such strength can achieve our common goal.

I sincerely wish us a win-win situation and a successful cooperation.