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  Laxun was founded in 1999 with 52 million CNY registered fund. 20 years history.  There are 77,000 square meters office and factory and 350 employees among the Guangzhou headquarter and the Zhaoqin high-tech district. 

       Our goal is to provide the best products and services to our customers, and build our company to the one of the best cooling tower company around the world. We have 300 million CNY sale in 2018, and it is increasing by 15% average each year.

       Laxun establish the Guangdong Provence High Efficiency Saving Water Reducing Noise Cooling System Technology Research and Development Center with the excelsior engineer spirit of 'innovation keep properous, unique keep eternal'.  

      The Laxun research and development team now is using more than 6% of sales into reseach and development and has more than 40 people, one expert counselor who is accepting allowance is from Sun Yat-Sen University which is one of the best University in China, 1 PHD, and 35 professional engineers. Laxun also participates coding multiple standard in cooling tower industry. Laxun has total more than 140 utility patents and patent for invention, including more than 20 patent for invention.

      Laxun is managing the company with the Inamori Kazuo Ameoba method, providing innovative technology, exquisite, and quality products to the U.S., Australia, Europe, Dubai, Mexico, South Korea, North Korea, Vitnam, Pakistan, Thailand, Nigeria, Burma, Chinese Hongkong, Chinese Macao, and more than 20 countries and regions. Laxun has a rapid growing reputation in the oversea market. Its products is the only one inspection-free cooling tower through Guangdong customs.

     'Respect to the nature, Love the human, Exalted the harmony, Keep the neutral' is the Laxun core concept. Focusing on the saving power, water, reducing noise, environmental-friendly, and customer terminal technology, and sharing our successes to the industry.

    Laxun is the committee of the China General Machinery Industry Association(CGMA) Cooling Devices Division Standard Commision, Executive vice director, participating the coding of the cooling device industry standard, and was voted to be the top 3 scale and power company by the CGMA.

Guangdong-Hongkong-Macao Greater Bay Area                 Zhaoqin High-tech District                           Laxun Industrial Park

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     Guangdong Laxun Industrial Park was founded in 2016 with register fund 22 million CNY, which is located in Guangdong Zhaoqin High-tech district and has more than 50 unit of area, more than 22,000 square meters  modern and intelligent product lines, and has more than 600 million CNY production capacity per year. 

     There is a  High Efficiency Saving Water Reducing Noise Cooling System Technology Research and Development Center in the Laxun Industrial Park, which also has the world highest flow (450 million K/hr) professional cooling tower thermal lab.

     Laxun technology center invests 20 million CNY to build the thermal, noise, drift lose, and material aging lab under the American CTI standard.

     Laxun has built multiple study centers in universities around the country. There is a academician station under approval process. Laxun was elected as the Guangdong province innovation company by Guangdong Province Innovation Company Commision in 2018.

      Outstanding emplyees are our most value treasure. Therefore, every emplyee is responsible to and put all their power to support the company's sucess. Every employee stand on his/her position, working togather, encourage each other, working hard, and try their best to reach the industry standard, to improve the company's power.

     Now, Laxun has planned to build the all working condition cooling tower thermal lab and filler performance lab, etc.

     Mechanical ventilate cooling tower test is to verify the design technology conditions if the thermal capability, noise, and vibration achieve the design parameters and requirments; to observe if the cooling tower has all the capabilities and find the problem to reach to perfect.

     Laxun will provide doable recommandations and advises and give the necessary date and information that the project needs base on the tested data that have been analyzed.

     Strong and powerful technology support abilities, loyal and preciseness service concept, emotional and strict company culture are our tough base to be the professional in the industry.

     Laxun is also focusing some of the cooling towers that are being designed have difficult or special design demands or technology issues to make special model. Laxun has successfully made a number of remould cases that required special design or had technology issues. It is our responsibility to help our customers to reach to their success.

Laxun Overview

        I. High-tech Company: Laxun participates drafting the Country Standards and Industry Norms(8)

                           Medium and small glass fiber reinforced plastic cooling tower (GB/T 7190.1-2008)

                           Large glass fiber reinforced plastic cooling tower (GB/T 7190.2-2008)

                           Mechanical ventilation cooling tower - part 3: cloased cooling towers (GB/T 7190.3-2008)

                           Specification for process design of mechanical ventilation cooling tower (GB/T 50392-2016)

                           Technical specification for energy saving certification of open cooling tower (CQC3136-2012)

                           China water-saving products certification rules (CQC32-439112-2009)

                           Closed cooling tower industry standard participating units (ZTXB100.001 -2016)

                           Specification for performance evaluation (certified) of small and medium-sized cooling towers (ZTXB101.001-2015)

      II. Production capability, advanced industry 3.0 automatic lines ( The Best in Asia)

      III. The biggest thermal cooling tower performances test filed in the country. Laxun owns the third operational cooling tower test center that is certified by the  State Bureau of Quality Technical Supervision (CSBTS), which can perform performance test for cooling tower that under 800m3/h to ensure the products quality and reliability.

      IV. Laxun's self-develop choosing model customize online software is certified by the American Cooling Tower Institute to ensure the customers to have the most suitable product for their demands.

      V. Laxun's self-develop choosing model customize online software is certified by the State Intellectual Property Office (SIPO) to ensure the customers to have the most suitable product for their demands.

      VI. Laxun's all model of the cross flow cooling tower serise are certified by the American Cooling Tower Institute and China Cooling Tower Institute.

      VII. Laxun's all model of the cross flow cooling tower serise are certified by the China Quality Certification Center as the saving water, saving power, and environmental-friendly products.

      VIII. Laxun is popular in the Chinese metro industry. Laxun is working with more than 30 lines of metro in the country and build tons of experiences building cooling tower around railway.

              1. Installing addtional noise cancelling devices on the ventilations.

              2. Landscape type cooling tower in metro station.

              3. Centrifugal draught cross-flow cooling tower.

              4. Butterfly type noise cancelling on the ventilations.

              5. Anti-fog and smoke fan on cooling tower in metro system.

              6. Laxun invents the Energy-saving permanent magent direct drive motor intelligent frequenc conversion control cooling tower and applies in the metro system.

              7. Application of variable flow cooling tower technology, internal water inlet pipeline technology and water pressure equalization technology to achieve the efficient purposes.

     IX. Laxun cooling tower uses airfoil aluminum alloy with ultra-low noise, large, wide and multi-blade top fan, which can make sure the cooling tower running the fan at slower rate to minimize the noise but without affecting the cooling ability.

     X. Laxun cooling tower uses Siemens ultra-silence motor to ensure the operation noise is the minimum in the industry.

     XI.  Laxun cooling tower configuration component uses Pohang Z700 hot dip galvanized steel sheet material that imported from Korea, which is the highest standard material in the industry. Z700 Zinc-plated steel with high strength, strong toughness, resistance to heat and humidity characteristics, the surface of anti-corrosion material coating, anti-corrosion performance is 6 times the effect of ordinary hot-dip galvanized steel.

     XII. The whole hardware of cooling tower adopts automatic laser numerical control positioning drilling and fiber laser cutting processing to ensure "zero error" in production and assembly.The whole tower has no welding interface, no secondary damage and no need for the second hot-dip galvanizing, which successfully solves the pollution damage to the environment caused by hot-dip galvanizing.

     XIII. Laxun does provide pre-assemble service, which delivers the whole product to the scene to save time for customers.

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