Core competitiveness

We believe in innovation, prosperity and uniqueness.

With an attitude of continuous improvement, every employee makes progress every day to improve our work and achieve our career.

Innovation is the foundation of our development. We will become the enterprise with the most practical and most patents. It is not important to be big but to be strong.

Good faith commitment

Good faith to shareholders: no corruption, bribery, do not falsify accounts, return to shareholders, Thanksgiving shareholders, shareholders to create maximum value.

Integrity to customers: to provide customers with quality and safety products and services, urgent customer urgent, create value for customers, and customers grow together.

Integrity to employees: care for employees, respect employees, strive to create a good working environment for employees, provide them with a platform for growth, promote their career development, protect their rights and interests, to achieve the maximum of employees' personal value.

Integrity in society: protect the environment, energy conservation and emission reduction, carry out charity, create a good ecological environment for the sustainable development of the society, commit to the establishment of circular economy industry, and achieve the pursuit beyond profit.