Variable-diameter graded petal nozzle (s.h-c.d.f)

耐酸、耐碱、耐高温。为适应冷却塔不同温况及各类水质之要求,变径分级花瓣式喷嘴采用台湾台塑生产的优质聚丙稀颗粒料注塑而成。喷嘴成型后塑性好、耐酸、耐碱。在高温(90℃)工况下长期工作不变形、不老化,使用寿命长。经实验测得:由该种材料注塑而成的喷嘴长期稳定工作时的耐酸度为PH 2.8,耐碱度为PH 11.2。    变径分级花瓣式结构,能使水流流经喷嘴

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Resistant to acid, alkali and high temperature.In order to meet the requirements of different temperature conditions and water quality of the cooling tower, the varied-diameter and graded petal nozzle is made of high quality polypropylene granules produced by Formosa plastics in Taiwan.Nozzle molding plastic, acid resistance, alkali resistance.In high temperature (90℃) working conditions for a long time without deformation, no aging, long service life.The test results show that the acid resistance of the injector is PH 2.8 and the alkali resistance is PH 11.2.

The variable-diameter and graded petal structure can make the water flow through the nozzle through secondary water division and increase the evenness of water seeding.The upper part of the annular water separator sprinkles water umbrellelike on the periphery, and the lower part of the six-leaf petal water separator sprinkles water raindrops on the periphery. In particular, the lower part of the six-leaf petal structure forms a fountain water seeding under the condition of low water pressure (0.025mH2O), with less overlap of water seeding, increasing the contact time and area between water particles and air, and improving the cold effect.Line surface resistance to the lowest, and not easy to plug the inner hole, reduce the maintenance workload.

In terms of structural design, the nozzle has fully considered the special requirements of cooling tower.The installation part is designed with three rows of barbs. After installation, it is not easy to become loose and move under the impact of water flow.